Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Week Two

It's week 2 of my Resolution Challenge, month one is to eat a healthier diet and hopefully lose weight and have more get-up-and-go.

Well, what a week it's been! I joined weight watchers last Wednesday and after clearing out the fridge and cupboards of anything lovely, oops, I mean unhealthy, I was ready to start my new healthy eating plan.

I am over the moon to announce that I lost 5lb this week - that's 23 potatoes! I know because I weighed them out to see what 5lb felt like, the kids were amazed. 

It felt fantastic, a long way off the suicidal feeling I had last week when I found out I'd put 2 stone on in 7 months!

I wasn't the only one who had a good week, two of my friends lost 4lb each and one lady, who joined with me last week, lost 6 and a half!!!! So I left the meeting today even more
determined, inspired and raring to go.

Being a single mum to three amazing children and running my own business means that I need to be as organised as I can. Luckily I am slightly neurotic about planning (some may say control freak!) but it's paid off. I planned out every single meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner and allowed myself points for a little treat here and there.

I even cooked for the freezer! I know, I'm turning into my mum! The kids have been great and every dinner time has been like Masterchef, "today mum, I give your dish ten out of ten."

Their favourite meal was the cheat's chicken pie from the new 'Everyday Favourites' weight watchers cook book. A chicken pie with only a small puff pastry top, filled with chicken, mushrooms, leeks and a creamy sauce - all for 9 pro points. Yum.

It's normally difficult for me to keep up the momentum of a 'diet' but instead of working towards a goal, such as a holiday, I am working towards a healthier lifestyle. This has kept me motivated.

I've cut out all the usual processed food that made up the majority of our meals and with a little planning have produced healthy, low fat, tasty dishes which are also child friendly.

'Look no crisps!' Even my daughter Ella, who is 10, had a pile of raw carrot sticks instead of crisps - much better for her and it teaches her about making healthy choices.

All-in-all it's been a fabulous week and a wonderful start to my Resolution challenge. Check back next week to make sure I stay dedicated to the challenge and find out if I can shift another 2lb, the challenge is set.

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