Thursday, 17 July 2014

How To Live a Life Full of Motivation

Life can swerve in a different direction at any point, sometimes you are ready for it but more often than not it flings you unceremoniously from a moving vehicle.

This is what happened to me, but as I look back I see that it wasn't a sudden swerve, more of a winding road that I didn't realise I could get off.

Getting back on track took a huge amount of patience and dedication but with the support of my family I did it. 
For seven years I was trapped in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage.  I was overweight, exhausted and miserable.  In 2004 I found the courage to leave, packing my two, three and five year old children in the car and driving away.

Eventually I got a part time job and slowly began to rebuild my confidence.  My body however, was still struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety.  I developed Axillae Hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating of the underarms), which had a detrimental impact on my confidence.  Aluminium Chloride Antiperspirants didn't help and I ended up having to suffer botox injections in my armpits every twelve months.  I sobbed every time as the pain was horrific.

It was following one exceptionally painful session that I drove home, tears falling down my face, and vowed to never go through that again.  This is when I found reiki healing and began on my holistic journey to better health and wellbeing.

Changing my lifestyle wasn't the upheaval I had anticipated.  Eating a healthier diet, drinking plenty of water and switching to herbal teas, all contributed to a better version of myself.  I still loved a glass of wine and a large pepperoni pizza, but as I delved deeper into alternative health I realised this was the path I had been looking for.

In 2008, after putting myself through night school and re-training, I started my own holistic health business, Body & Soul Holistics.  A ladies only spa offering reiki, reflexology, massage and meditation classes.  It was my way of helping other ladies, who were going through a tough time or a life changing event, to enjoy a time out with an understanding therapist who had 'been there, done that'.

More recently I developed a range of monthly workshops that I hold at a local venue.  These events cover topics such as; facing fears, finding out who you are and visualising your future.  They have been well received and are great fun.

At the beginning of each workshop I talk about motivation, and the tools we all possess to be able to motivate ourselves and improve our lives.  I use these tools every day of my life and are constantly adding to them as I meet more incredible teachers.  These people show themselves when you are ready to learn a lesson, and their insights are of true value.  Look and listen, be mindful and keep your thoughts positive and you too will be on the road to better wellbeing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and my infographic, please feel free to share it.

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any valuable self-help tools that you would like to share with others.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Could You Do The Water Challenge?

During a normal working day I say 'drink more water' a hundred times over.  As a reflexologist it is plainly evident when a client is suffering from dehydration, however, many people are still unaware of just how beneficial drinking water can be.

I remember reading an article in the Daily Mail back in 2013.  Sarah Smith, a 42 year old mother, had taken on a challenge to increase her water intake for four weeks and written up her findings.  The article was eye-opening - you can read it here.

The before and after photographs were what initially attracted me to the article, I had to check she hadn't been photo shopped! I was intrigued to discover how she had succeeded. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

5 Days of Mayhem

Have you ever had one of those weeks where all your best laid plans get thrown out of the window due to something out of your control?  Welcome to my week!

I am an uber organised individual, I live by the mantra 'if it isn't in the diary, it doesn't happen'.  Then one week comes along that throws life into a spin that would put any tornado to shame, however, if I've learnt anything from this week, it's to go with the flow!

Day 1

Great start to the week as I took part in twitter's #indiebooksbeseen promotion.  All indie authors were given the opportunity to post a photograph of themselves holding a poster of their book/s (or a copy of their book). 

The promotion was very well attended and retweets were phenomenal.  It was so lovely to see such a great variety of indie authors taking part and it was a perfect opportunity to connect with such a supportive community.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

What's Your Glastonbury Song?

We all have a favourite band, and more importantly we all have that one song that resonates with whatever is going on in our life.  For me it's 'Gold' by Spandau Ballet (1983).  The words always fill me with a sense of pride at what I've overcome and give me the strength to carry on and be 'indestructible'.

This weekend the UK celebrates the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, with acts including the sensational Dolly Parton, The Black Keys, Lily Allen, Metallica, Blondie, Sam Smith and many, many more. 

Tickets to the Glastonbury Festival have a tendency to sell out within hours of being released so I thought I'd use this post to celebrate the history of Glastonbury Festival and point you in the direction of finding your own unique song or recognising a favourite band.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Read it? Loved it? Then Review It!

The support and feedback I've received this week for the release of my new book How I Changed My Life in a Year has been sensational.  My twitter feed, Facebook page and email account have been inundated with positive comments.

As I basked in my five minutes of fame, I thanked everyone for taking the time to get in touch and let me know how much they enjoyed it, I then asked if they had posted their comments on Amazon.

I was met with a host of glazed expressions, 'what do you mean by post a comment on Amazon?'

Reviews are an authors life line.  We crave the golden stars and words of encouragement as much as a child craves ice-cream.  I was surprised at how many of the people I spoke to didn't know about the importance of reviews.

If you buy a new camera or other expensive piece of equipment, invariably you will log on to 'Which' to find out what other purchasers thought of the product and then you can make your informed choice - books are just the same.

Monday, 16 June 2014

From Tiny Acorns...

It's been an exciting time for me recently as my new book, 'How I Changed My Life in a Year' is now out as an e-book and paperback.


Thursday, 12 June 2014

Trek to the Top Challenge

All my friends appear to be taking part in a fitness regime these days.  The hugely popular Facebook craze '30 Day Abs Challenge', created by mum of eight, Robyn Mendenhall Gardner, has changed my sedentary pals into crunchers, plankers and leg lifters.  If I knew how to crunch I may have joined them!

Not to be outdone by my toned up, trimmed down friends, I decided that action needed to be taken if I wanted to get the beach fit body I craved.

I may have hung up my running shoes after completing my half marathon back in 2012, but there is nothing stopping me from dusting them off and putting them to good use once more.  Running is out of the question as my knees creak louder than my floorboards these days, so I wanted to keep it simple-ish!

Walking up stairs/steps is a wonderful way to tone your bum and legs but instead of looking at my flight of stairs as just a means to get to the first floor, I'm going to turn it into a challenge of lofty proportions!