Thursday, 24 January 2013

Week Four

I love Rhonda Byrne's book 'The Secret' and have one of the inspirational quotes "Thought's become things, pick good ones" written on a chalkboard in my kitchen.   

When my children are having an off day and all I hear is 'I can't do this homework...' or 'I'll never remember my spellings...' I take great pride in tapping my chalkboard and showing them my 'mummy knows best' face.

I therefore had to giggle when, as I sat at my kitchen table, head in hands at the prospect of my imminent weigh in, moaning at myself for being a reckless snack eating freak, my fourteen year old son tapped on the board

as he walked past and raised his eyebrows in a look beyond his years!

I narrowly missed his head with the tea towel as he ran off laughing - cheeky sod!

He did perk me up though, so I wrapped up warm, pulled on my wellies and trudged through the snow drifts to my meeting.

I'm so glad I did as I had lost another 1 1/2 lb's!!

I had spent all week blaming the snow for my lack of motivation to eat healthily and yet because of the bad weather; I had abandoned my car under 5 foot of snow and walked everywhere! It certainly paid off, see the happy smiling face as I blog!! Yay!

Our quest for the week ahead is to take control of our 'snack attacks' when watching TV. A mighty quest indeed judging by my week's stats!

I have scoured the cupboards and removed anything with 'chocolate' or 'Pringles' in the title, leaving me with sugar free jelly, meringue nests, weight watchers yogurts and lots of fruit. That's much better.

As the fluffy, white stuff continues to pour from the skies I decided that this week’s meal planner would have to be warming as well as filling, so one of my normal days now looks like this:-

B'fast = Porridge made with water or soya milk, banana and blueberries.
Snack = Fruit
Lunch = Homemade vegetable soup with a tuna salad sandwich on brown bread (no butter) and a small bunch of grapes.
Dinner = Spaghetti Bolognese.
TV Snack Attack = meringue nest with jelly and a weight watchers yogurt.

Not bad when I look at what I used to eat in an average day:-

B'fast - 2 x chocolate brioche rolls, cup of tea
Snack - Cup of tea and a couple of biscuits
Lunch - Cheese Sandwich (on white bread and with butter), crisps, cup of tea and a biscuit (or three)
Dinner - Steak pie, chips and baked beans
TV Snack Attack - tea and biscuits at every advert break!!!!
Plus wine, pizza takeaway and chocolate at the weekends.

What a big difference.

I am now entering the home straight, only one week left of January and my healthy eating challenge. If I can shift another pound and a half in this week I will have lost a total of 10lb in 31 days - I'd be more than happy with that as a start to my Resolution Challenge.

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