Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Challenge Update

This week is apparently the most notorious for abandoning our New Year's resolutions and I must say, I can absolutely relate!!

I received my regular email from Weight Watchers early on Sunday morning, this week's was entitled 'Snuggled up from the snow? TV snack tactics revealed.' All I could say to that was; "TOO LATE NOW!!!"

With my bleary eyes and inexplicable bed hair, I contemplated the bag of crisps, cheese and crackers and the Cadburys chocolate bar I had absentmindedly stuffed the previous evening - In my defence it is very hard work building snowmen!!!

I also cleared the drive of all snow which obviously deserved a treat - this then turned into two treats when it started snowing again
and my freshly cleared drive had yet another blanket of snow over it!

However, I refuse to let this minor setback veer me off course so, for the 'third' time this week (it's been a l - o - n - g week!) I have drawn a line under it and am starting again. That is, until my parents turn up and whisks the four of us off for hot chocolate and croissants!! SNOW DAYS ARE FATAL!!

O M G - it's not rocket science, all I need to do is Eat Less and Move More! Surely even my brain can understand that concept?

Weight Watchers to the rescue again, according to their new 2013 plan there IS a scientific reason why I can't stop shovelling snacks as well as snow.

We all understand that, when we haven't eaten for a while and our stomach is empty, we encounter a physical urge to eat (homeostatic hunger). Scientists have now discovered that we also have a physiological urge to eat which can make us believe we are hungry when it's not real hunger (hedonic hunger) both ways activate the same areas of our brains! Weight Watchers are helping members to form positive eating habits so we can control the hedonic urge to eat. Unfortunately I missed the memo!! (Check out Weight Watchers Magazine February 2013 for full facts and great recipe ideas).

Hurrah! So it would appear that I am not the failure I believed I was but my will power is being tested and all I can say is "Bring It On!"

My line is clearly drawn under the past 5 days - 2 days until weigh in - can I turn it around in time? The tension mounts, it's nail biting stuff (note to self - check how many pro points in chewed finger nails) I am aiming for another 1lb loss but if I manage to stay the same and not put any weight on, this will be a mini triumphant in my toughest week yet.

Of course it doesn't help when I get text messages from Domino's Pizza checking if I'm okay because they haven't heard from me in a while!

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