Thursday, 31 January 2013

Month One - Completed!

31 days ago I gave myself a mammoth challenge; 52 weeks, 365 days, dedicated to my New Year's Resolutions!

Not just 'doing' them and keeping up the motivation but actually blogging the entire event for the world to see!

So here I am on Thursday 31st January 2013, with month one now completed, yay!

The first challenge was to break bad eating habits and start a healthy eating regime. After joining weight watchers on 2nd January, and dealing with the shock of my current weight, I've spent January cooking up a storm, menu planning and making better choices, this has meant I enter month two 9 1/2 lb's lighter!

The initial brief I gave myself on New Year's Day was to concentrate on one resolution, one month at a time. This is still the case but

I am definitely going to carry on with my new healthy eating programme for 2013.

 Our leader Andrea who keeps the Solihull Meeting in check.

I weigh less, have lost inches from my wobbly bits, have more energy and the social aspect of attending weight watchers meetings is invaluable - we have such a hoot!

Month one has made me re-evaluate what we, as a family, put in our bodies and the harm processed foods, fats and sugars can do. Going to my weekly meetings offers the support I need to keep going, stay motivated and have a really good laugh. If you want to do a healthy eating plan but can't get to a slimming group, find a friend who will be a 'diet buddy', weigh in together at home and keep each other going. Support is key.

Don't get me wrong, I've had quite a few wobbles on the way, most of these fuelled by chocolate cravings and emotional outbursts. I've had moments of madness, such as eyeing up the kids pet goldfish and fantasising about him deep fried with a pile of chips!!!

(Don't worry he's fine!)

I've tried to resist alcohol, but sometimes that glass of Chardonnay is the only thing that will work! I've experimented with 20+ new recipes and the kids have supported me through the high's (Chicken Pie) and the low's (Chilli con Carne) without so much as a 'p - l - e - a - s - e can we just have chips tonight!' and who knew sweet potatoes were so yummy?

How do I top this then?

What's Next?

My regurgitated New Year Resolution lists include 'Lose Weight' at the number one spot - Mission Completed! At number two was 'Get Fit' - well, after 24 years of a sedentary lifestyle (not including 'disco dancing' - showing my age now - running around after 3 kids and the occasional yoga class and holiday swim) I think 'Get Fit' is a tough call when February is 28 days long! So, I have modified the resolution to 'Move More'.

For each week in February I'm going to try a different form of exercise; butt clenches as I wash up don't count!

Week 6 = Skipping!! My work diary is packed out for the next week so getting out for a long walk, a run or a bike ride isn't going to work and I refuse to fail before I even start, so I decided skipping is the answer.

Q. Did you know, the absolute minimum amount of exercise we should all be doing is half an hour, five days a week!

A. I haven't done that since I was 6!!!!

So this is my target - minimum!

I hope you've enjoyed following Month One, please feel free to get in touch with your own tips and any comments, remember 'support is key'.

Month One Affirmation:

"I am healthy and happy in my own skin."

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  1. Oooh well done! bet you are really pleased with yourself. Have just caught up with all your shenanigans for January - am worn out now! off to chew on a stick of celery!