Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Week 9 - What A 'Wheel' Fun Week

I'm no Tessie Reynolds and have absolutely no intention of recreating her Brighton-London-Brighton trip on a bicycle! 

I am however very grateful that, at the young age of 16, Tessie took on her momentous task, causing a national scandal in the process, allowing me the freedom to wear my joggers to tackle my exercise bike instead of petticoats, bloomers and fluffy skirts!

A lot has changed since 1893, bikes included.

My dad has been a cyclist since before I was a twinkle in his eye.  He's a really good one too, training four times a week with the Solihull Cycling Club and covering around 200 miles.  He still races during the summer and even manages to stay on two wheels on occasion (he will forgive me that quip as I am, more often than not, the one who collects him from the various hospitals dotted across Warwickshire!)

I, however, did not follow in his footsteps (or wheel spokes) in the fitness department.  Height, dark colouring and dry wit are all I managed to inherit. 

So when I informed him I was going to be including a bike in my fitness regime he fell about laughing.  Not easily deterred I popped up to Argos and bought an exercise bike - okay, so I may not feel the wind in my hair, the flies in my teeth or the cow s**t under my fingernails but I would be moving more and that's what February is all about!

Don't get me wrong, cycling is fantastic exercise and when my family went to Centre Parcs a couple of years ago, we all enjoyed biking through the amazing terrain (yes even me - briefly!)

For my resolution challenge I decided a stationary bike would be easier for me to manage.  In other words, I would be a liability if let loose on the roads!

Exercise bikes are a wonderful way to have a cardio workout, they are low impact and easy on the ankles, knees and joints.  After running the Stratford Half Marathon last year my knees took a hammering so I am grateful for anything with 'low impact' on the box!

I haven't managed my dad's 200 + miles (not even close), but at least I am moving.  I'm strengthening and toning my legs and my glute muscles and getting ever nearer to looking like Angelina!!!!!!!

Using the exercise bike does have its uses, as I'm inside I can catch up on any TV I have recorded, belt out my Bon Jovi album and wheel spin to 'Living on a Prayer' or get stuck in to a good read, all while toning my lower body. 

It's hard work this exercise thing but why can't we have fun along the way too, that's what I say!

Resolution Challenge Number Two - 'Move More' = COMPLETED!

Friday 1st March is almost here and that means Resolution Challenge Number Three begins - I'm really looking forward to this month's challenge so please pop back to find out how I get on with my 'Do Something Creative' Challenge.

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