Thursday, 21 February 2013

Week 8 - A wii Journey to Fitness

For my 'Move More' resolution I decided to embark upon a treasure trove of exercises from my youth.  I've skipped (sort of!) I even tried a quick hula hooping session, but lacked the ability to keep the hula airborne for longer than five seconds.  I walked, ambled and sashayed to the park and back and even broke in to a gentle jog at times.  All very old school eh!

So what delights did week 8 hold for me?  Well, let's crank up the volume, get down with the kids and bang on the wii fit!  Oh yes, if it's good enough for the youngsters then its good enough for me.
  • Let me ask you a quick question first - who has challenged a 14 year old to a dance off? 
  • Quick answer - Me and I wouldn't recommend it! 

In my oh so distant youth I could throw a few decent shapes on the dance floor, of course these amazing dance moves were carefully choreographed in my bedroom with Wham blasting from my record player.  Yes I said record player!!!

Today's kids are lethal and take no prisoners!  My son is 'sick' on 'Just Dance' (did you notice the young lingo there - it's a whole new world!) 

Let me quickly explain the rules for those of you without a wii, without this particular game, without kids or simply for all those sensible people out there!  You can choose from a huge range of songs, from the more up to date rap songs to Elvis.  Once selected a dancer pops up on the screen (or multiple dancers if you are challenging an opponent) and it's your task to follow what they do as if dancing in a mirror.  When they go left - you go left, when they jump up and down - you jump up and down, fairly straight forward - you would think!

Our first challenge was a Blues Brothers song, I was happily singing along, thinking how lovely it was to be having fun with my children, when I got a smack in the mush from my son's wii remote as I failed to duck, swing and s-l-i-d-e in time to the music, ouch!

Fun!  I was black and blue by the end of song three! 

To save my delicate skin from bruising like a peach, I decided to abandon the dance game and switch to the wii fit, a relaxing fitness regime I could enjoy on my own (the kids heckled me from the sofa!)  I was pretty bad at the baseball and absolutely rubbish at bowling but I thoroughly enjoyed the boxing!  Word of warning though - I felt like I had done ten rounds the next morning, my arms and shoulders ached like crazy but I do believe the old bingo wings weren't quite so flabby!
So the wii journey draws to a close as I enter week 9 of my 'Move More' challenge.  What shall I choose I wonder?  The bets are in, the decision is made, my dad would be so proud of me - yes I am going down the cycling route (no pun intended!)  This should be hilarious, see you next week!

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