Thursday, 14 February 2013

Week 7 - Wiggle those Walking hips!

After the adventure of 'skipping' on last week's challenge, I opted for a much calmer exercise regime this week and gave power walking a try!

We all learn to walk at a young age, so walking is as natural as breathing - or so I thought!  Apparently I don't do either right! 

Swinging my hips is a no no, panting and gasping for breath - another no no, embarrassment to my daughter - the biggest no no of them all.  So I stopped swinging my hips as I walked her up to school and tried to relax into a brisk pace.

It does help to have a lovely place to walk, a forest, the park or a canal path would be great.  The main road didn't have the same aura
about it and the coughing and spluttering added to the look of desperation but at least I was out and moving more!

The weather has been a bit hit and miss this week so it's been more of a challenge dodging the rain, sleet and snow but I was determined (wet and cold - but determined!)

To help me with the walking part of my resolution I went along to my local library and got a book out called 'Walking for Weight Loss', it's really good and I would highly recommend it.  As I said earlier, apparently I'm not doing it right (story of my life).

Women normally walk at 3 mph as an average, if you want to lose weight then you need to walk a bit faster, 4 -6 mph will help you cover a mile in 10 - 13 minutes and contribute to your weight loss.  It's great if, like me, you are 5 foot 10 inches but when I went walking with my mum she was practically sprinting alongside (bless her little legs! Sorry mum).  Do what feels comfortable for you.

There are some great books and websites, such as this one about walking for weight loss and health.  If you fancy giving it a go, log on and check out some of Wendy's top tips.

Don't forget you can get the family involved, walk the dog (or someone else's!) walk to school or work instead of taking the car, park at the car park furthest away from the shops. 

TOP TIP: Walk a Dog - or borrow one.

As I've discovered this week - walking hasn't just helped my weight loss (another 1 lb!)  It also lifts your mood (when you get away from the choking smog of the main road that is!)  There are loads of emotional benefits of walking - increased energy, less stress, better sleep and it can relieve your PMS, hurrah!

Alongside the emotionally upbeat feelings you also reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cholesterol and a whole host of other nasties!  It's got to be worth throwing on a good pair of trainers or walking boots and popping out for a stroll.

Week 7 has been a mixed bag for me - on the one hand I am watching friends give up on their resolutions, I have also felt the pull to climb back under the duvet instead of persevering and then on the other hand I have felt upbeat, calm and thoroughly enjoyed getting out in the fresh air.

 I have a photograph stuck on my fridge of Lara Croft (Angelina Jolie) that is keeping me going with my 'Move More' resolution - this is what I hope to look like by the end of 2013 - no problem!!

Watch this space (not sure about hotpants for the school run though!?) 

Next week is half term for us so I think I will challenge the kids to a Dance Off - Wii Fit alert!

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  1. Hey xx who said you could use that picture of me in my bikini !! Ha ha ha ha - now I need my Tena Ladies !! Good to see you still on a mission - catch up soon I hope - motivation had a bit of a holiday this end - alcohol free going well tho :) hope to catch up soon :£) Cirian xx