Thursday, 17 July 2014

How To Live a Life Full of Motivation

Life can swerve in a different direction at any point, sometimes you are ready for it but more often than not it flings you unceremoniously from a moving vehicle.

This is what happened to me, but as I look back I see that it wasn't a sudden swerve, more of a winding road that I didn't realise I could get off.

Getting back on track took a huge amount of patience and dedication but with the support of my family I did it. 
For seven years I was trapped in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage.  I was overweight, exhausted and miserable.  In 2004 I found the courage to leave, packing my two, three and five year old children in the car and driving away.

Eventually I got a part time job and slowly began to rebuild my confidence.  My body however, was still struggling to cope with the stress and anxiety.  I developed Axillae Hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating of the underarms), which had a detrimental impact on my confidence.  Aluminium Chloride Antiperspirants didn't help and I ended up having to suffer botox injections in my armpits every twelve months.  I sobbed every time as the pain was horrific.

It was following one exceptionally painful session that I drove home, tears falling down my face, and vowed to never go through that again.  This is when I found reiki healing and began on my holistic journey to better health and wellbeing.

Changing my lifestyle wasn't the upheaval I had anticipated.  Eating a healthier diet, drinking plenty of water and switching to herbal teas, all contributed to a better version of myself.  I still loved a glass of wine and a large pepperoni pizza, but as I delved deeper into alternative health I realised this was the path I had been looking for.

In 2008, after putting myself through night school and re-training, I started my own holistic health business, Body & Soul Holistics.  A ladies only spa offering reiki, reflexology, massage and meditation classes.  It was my way of helping other ladies, who were going through a tough time or a life changing event, to enjoy a time out with an understanding therapist who had 'been there, done that'.

More recently I developed a range of monthly workshops that I hold at a local venue.  These events cover topics such as; facing fears, finding out who you are and visualising your future.  They have been well received and are great fun.

At the beginning of each workshop I talk about motivation, and the tools we all possess to be able to motivate ourselves and improve our lives.  I use these tools every day of my life and are constantly adding to them as I meet more incredible teachers.  These people show themselves when you are ready to learn a lesson, and their insights are of true value.  Look and listen, be mindful and keep your thoughts positive and you too will be on the road to better wellbeing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and my infographic, please feel free to share it.

I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have any valuable self-help tools that you would like to share with others.

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