Thursday, 8 May 2014

Organise Your Space and Free Your Mind

Clearing clutter is one of my favourite topics, and I have blogged about it several times here on Resolution Challenge.  I have experienced first hand, how clearing my work or home space can affect my mood, my finances and my wellbeing. 

Being clutter free however, isn't always so easy.  My parents are currently in the process of moving house and 'downsizing' is a perfect excuse to throw out anything that is no longer of value.  It is also the perfect way to offload a tonne of Tupperware on your unsuspecting daughter! (Thanks Mum x)

When faced with an overflowing pile of god-knows-what, it helps to work out a strategy.  You need to be organised.  Several boxes can be filled with unloved items and taken to charity shops or car boots.  Old clothes, that haven't been worn in a while, can be swapped between girl friends - hold a girl's night in with a bottle of wine and a few nibbles and pretend you're at London Fashion Week.

When it comes to your office or work space, it pays to spend a couple of hours de-cluttering.  When you are no longer searching for lost documents, your glasses or that scrap of paper with an important phone number, then your mind is free to be creative and calm.

As a single mother, writer and business owner, I have numerous projects on the go at once.  I get asked so many times how I manage to fit everything in.  The answer is simple - I have to be organised.

My diary contains our entire life - the children's social activities, exam schedules and holiday dates, my work clients, workshops and networking appointments and of course any household items such as dentist appointments and home maintenance visits.

My desk contains folders for every project I'm working on, whether this is related to my writing or a workshop or class I'm running. 

I have too much information to remember to be able to store it in my brain!  I fear that vital facts may leak out of my ears if I tried.  Therefore, organised work space = organised mind, leaving me free to be as creative as I like because I know I have a place to store my ideas.

My little desk in the corner of my kitchen has served me well, and I have written all of my books from this sunny spot, however, if I had the chance to dedicate a room as my work space I would leap on it!  Just to wet the appetite I thought I would look at few work space ideas...

I first of all came across the Archipod, a custom made garden room that would set you back £15,000. 
Any fantasy fiction fan would love this in their garden... Bilbo Baggins, eat your heart out!

If you don't have the budget for an Archipod, then maybe you could set up office in a campervan like this one...

 As an avid VW campervan fan this would be my ideal office!

Not enough garden space?  Then try converting a wardrobe or space under the stairs like this one I found on Pinterest.

Having a place for everything from your shoes to your cutlery will streamline your life.  Organising your filing, address book and diary will streamline your mind.  Throw away all your old receipts and file bank statements and account information safely to streamline your finances.

One top tip I follow is having a dedicated drawer in my filing cabinet for the year ahead.  I have twelve files (one for every month) to hold all my bills, tickets, list of birthdays, and other information I need to action during that month.  It keeps everything handy and I have no more panic attacks when it comes to renewing my car insurance!

Clutter free living is great for the soul, have a go today.  Start small, one drawer or cupboard at a time and work your way up to an entire desk or room.  It can be fun - honest!

Do you have a dedicated work space? 

Do you find you work better when your space is organised?



  1. My desk is the dining table at the moment. My house is so cluttered it's embarressing. I need a skip or two to get rid of all the crap lol

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

    1. Lol thanks Laura, I can relate to that so much. I have a tendency to spread my work around me until I realise no can get in to the kitchen due to overflowing paperwork!

  2. I have a beautiful big work space surrounded by books. It is always covered by items that need to be read, dealt with, written or sorted. One day I'll un-clutter it. I love that you say you have too much information to remember to be able to store it all in your brain. I also suffer from information leakage; only trouble is the flow is getting stronger! Like you I find making a list of engagements, must dos and activities essential. Without it I would remember far less. My husband often asks me to remind him of things. I tell him to do what I do - write it down!

    1. My brain leakage is definitely getting worse as I get older Norah! I'm an avid list fan and could make a list of the lists I need to make (that does make sense if you take a minute!) It's my birthday soon and my kids said 'more notebooks this year mum?' They know we so well ;-)

    2. ... I really must wear my glasses when I'm on my kindle! They know ME so well too :-)

  3. These are great tips, Shelley! A well-organized and clutter-free office space is really great for the soul. It helps you keep on top of your priorities, especially the more important ones, like your car insurance. And that's particularly important, given that you do have to maintain a certain level of commitment to keep up with your insurance payments. Keep it up!

    Floyd Reid