Thursday, 24 October 2013

How to Embrace Your Inner Child

So far this month I have looked at how to be grateful, happy, confident and complimentary.  To finish off my October challenge; this week I decided to look at how to be silly!

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Yes, you read it correctly, I said - silly.  Why should the kids have all the fun at this time of year?  Autumn has so many opportunities to be silly and my children have had years to get used to how daft I can be at times.

Let's take Halloween for example, for me this is a magical time and I thoroughly enjoy getting into the spirit (no pun intended) of it.  My house is decorated with cobwebs, giant spiders and skeletons and I am suitably dressed up as a witch to greet any little gremlins who call at my door.

For me, Halloween is the perfect time to let your hair down and embrace your inner child.  There is so much fun to be had:

  • Dressing up as Frankenstein, a ghost, witch or Dracula
  • Bobbing for apples
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Lots of Candy...say no more!

To get you in a silly mood I am going to share my pumpkin carving skills and introduce you to my Puking Pumpkin!

Choose your pumpkin and using a Biro, draw a funny face. 
For the puking pumpkin you will need a large open mouth and
eyes that look like they are screwed tightly shut (as above) 

Carefully cut off the top and put to one side.  Then, using a spoon
scoop out all the seeds and goo and set aside.  Once this is out
you can then scoop out the pumpkin flesh and put this to one
side ready to make a delicious Pumpkin Curry.
Using a small, sharp knife begin to carve out the shapes you
drew.  Take it slowly as you don't want to cut more than necessary.
If the kids are getting involved then it may be wise for an adult
to do this bit and let them do the drawing part.


Once you have carved out your eyes, mouth and nose, put your
masterpiece on a plastic board or cardboard (so the 'puke'
doesn't stain your surface) then assemble the seeds and goo
to look like your pumpkin ate too many sweets!
Hey Presto, one Puking Pumpkin.

Silly isn't it! 

We spend so much time being serious and behaving ourselves in our daily lives that having a moment of silliness can boost your happy hormones and leave you feeling lighter and brighter.

Children are a constant source of amusement, from the silly things they say to the silly things they do, but they are only embracing life and making a host of happy memories.
Do you remember hanging upside down from a tree branch?  How about pulling funny faces from the back seat of the car as your parents drove you to school.  Did you ever make rock animals with stick on eyes and pipe cleaners and open your own zoo? 
Everyone needs to embrace their inner child more often and learn to let go of grown-up hang ups.  Try wrapping yourself in toilet paper and taking to the streets on Halloween as a zombie mummy, you may just enjoy yourself!
What silly past time do you enjoy?  Have you got a silly pumpkin carving you would like to share?  Let me know and we can be silly together.

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