Monday, 5 September 2016

Make Time For What Matters - Now!

Everyone knows how much I love writing lists and goal setting, and it’s commonly known that I enjoy a good New Year resolution or two. The New Year is a great time to work on new beginnings and fresh starts. However, you don’t need to wait until January 1st to make relevant changes to your lifestyle, career, health, or wellbeing.

September, for me, is the perfect month to embrace those new adventures, start a new academic course either online or at night school, or begin a health regime that will keep you mentally and physically fit during the winter. It’s a month of crisp weather, the promise of home grown apples and blackberries, and let’s not forget the oodles of back to school stationery just waiting to be purchased.

For years I put off getting started, not just with my writing projects, but with my health, and wellbeing. I would grumble about my muffin top and back fat but then demolish a cream bun at the local coffee shop. I would tell myself that ‘this year’ was when I’d finally write that book. Year after year I did this until finally, something clicked – I was only letting myself down.

So, this is how I began writing my motivational blog and consequently publishing my bestseller How I Changed My Life in a Year.

Once I’d committed to my goals, and worked on a strategy to action them, I was on a roll. The new habits I formed during my year long challenge have remained with me, and this shows in my productivity. Since I began blogging back in 2013, and taking myself seriously as a writer, I’ve published five books; three non-fiction titles, and two YA fantasy fiction novels (the third book in my YA trilogy is due out in November).

Setting yourself goals, however small, to help you accomplish a task such as finishing a book, losing weight, recovering from illness, can be done at any time of year – don’t wait for the New Year, or Monday morning. Don’t hold back until the time is right – it will never be right.

If you want to read about the fifty-two challenges I took on and accomplished in twelve months then grab a copy of my book, HowI Changed My Life in a Year, only 99p for a limited time only (4th – 9th September 2016).

Happy September!

(Originally posted on my author blog)


  1. I'm off to buy it now! Love your approach to life :)

  2. Thank you so much, Carol. I hope you enjoy it! :-)

  3. I read it a while ago and found it very inspiring!

  4. I completely agree with you about making resolutions in September. It's a much more optimistic time than January. Who wants to give up comfort foods when it's freezing outside?