Friday, 24 July 2015

Visualisation techniques for a happy life

Way back in the depths of winter I decided to cheer myself up by pre-booking a summer holiday.  It gave me something to look forward to when the weather was grey, and my mood was even darker. 

As I chomped my way through the mince pies and turkey leftovers, I believed that the extra weight I was carrying would be a distant memory by the time my holiday arrived.  Fast forward seven months and my stomach still wobbles when I walk, my boobs get in the way when I bend over to tie my shoelaces and don’t get me started on bat wings!

There is a personal development tool that I should have used to motivate myself toward that bikini fit body.  A technique that can show you what your hopes and wishes will look like, and guide you to make the right choices to manifest them.  That technique is Vision Boarding.

I’ve written about vision boards before as they are one of my favourite personal development tools.  I love the simplicity and the creativity. 

To ready myself for the summer, all I needed to do was create a healthy eating board that would highlight all the positive areas and keep me motivated toward my goal of a bikini fit beach body.  As it happens, I got so caught up in publishing my latest book that I let my own personal development slide.  On the plus side, my latest book just happens to be; Vision Boards for Beginners. 

I intend to enjoy my summer holiday, wobbly bits and all, but I am already planning my vision board for September.  The autumn brings with it a sense of new beginnings, as schools and colleges return, and clubs and courses start up again. 

A board, dedicated to what I hope to achieve for the remainder of 2015, will keep me on track with my desires and aid me in manifesting the things I want.  They act as a visual reminder of what we want to be, do and have in our lives.

If you are interested in finding out how to create and integrate vision boards into your life, then grab a copy of my latest ‘handbag mentor’.  Vision Boards for Beginners is the second in my Wellbeing Workshop Series of books that help you dip your toe into self-help and personal development.
I would be interested to hear about your favourite self-help tools for staying motivated.  Whether that's for weight loss, fitness, or personal/business reasons, share your tips with my readers.
Vision Boards for Beginners (Book 2 in the Wellbeing Workshop Series)
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  1. I like the idea of a vision board. Years ago, I edited a book about creating a magical life. Now, while I don't subscribe to the idea that Brownies live behind my cooker, one suggestion in the book did stick with me and that it is that if you can't have the life you want (at the moment), you can gather little bits of it around you. For example, if you've always wanted to live by the sea, but are stuck in an inner-city flat, you can at least decorate your house in evocative colours, use sea shells as ornaments, bathe in seaweed-based cosmetics, have pictures of the coast in every room - you get the idea. 'Wishing makes it so!'

  2. Shelley, you've made me take a good look at the noticeboard which is on the wall beside me as I type. It's covered with all kinds of things - business cards, old receipts, things printed off the internet, a calendar that covers up lots of other stuff, even a map which has to be kept folded up so it doesn't get in the way. In other words - my noticeboard is a mess. It's become a dumping ground and frankly I hardly look at it any more. Now I'm going to clear it, do some culling and then aim for a mixture of information that needs to be kept to hand and some favourite pictures. Not exactly a vision board, but certainly something far more relevant and purposeful than what I've got at the moment.

  3. The first step is noticing, the second is doing something about it, so yay to you! We all have a knack of collecting 'stuff' don't we. A good de-clutter can be very uplifting. Positive images, relevant information and the odd feel good funny face postcard can do wonders for our motivation. Enjoy culling :-)

  4. I learned about visualisation techniques from Paul McKenna and it revolutionised my productivity. A few minutes meditation at night, visualising the next day's tasks, picturing them going smoothly and quickly; focusing on the feeling of being 'in the zone' while you're doing them and the satisfaction you'll feel when they're complete makes those same tasks really fly by when you do them for real.

    1. I started off doing my meditation at night but I ended up filling my head full of ideas instead of those calming 'in the zone' thoughts, of course, this manifested a spell of insomnia! I switched to morning meditation and it works like a dream. ;-)