Monday, 8 June 2015

Why We All Need A Cheerleading Squad

As an outgoing and fairly confident woman, I have recently found myself hiding away and sulking – yes, sulking – over a health issue that has taken me by surprise.  I thought only kids had the sulky genes but apparently not.  It appears that I can sulk with the best of them. 

Any health problem can cause anxiety to arise.  Even a common cold will make everything you do seem that much harder. When your body begins to tell you to slow down, you need to listen – I didn’t. 

I have always taken on any task, challenge and goal with enthusiasm, but I’ve also taken them on alone.  It’s a trait that gets me into trouble with my friends and family, as they are so eager to help, and yet we all do it.  Asking for help can sometimes be harder than the actual challenge itself.  Why is that?

Finding myself recently incapacitated this meant that my family and friends could swarm to my aid without me using the usual line, ‘Oh no, don’t worry, I’m fine.’  I clearly wasn’t fine and everyone could see it.  As I spent a full week in bed, I began to realise the importance of having your own cheerleading squad.

My children rallied around and sorted the household chores.  My eldest son cooked all the evening meals and my younger two even attempted the ironing.  My mum and dad were on hand twenty-four-seven with bags of shopping and encouraging words for my recovery.  Friends sent positive messages and more flowers than the Chelsea flower show.  Each and every one of them making me smile and in turn helping me recuperate. 

Finding your cheerleading squad is not only necessary at those moments when illness strikes, but essential at every twist and turn in life.

Take a moment to think about the cheerleaders you have in your life.  Maybe your neighbour is always there to put out your bins or take in your parcels.  Perhaps your work colleague encourages you to be more confident. 
We all flourish with a little help and can achieve so much when we have people rooting for us.  My family were certainly rooting for me to recover, and with their help I accomplished this.

Think about the areas in your life that you wish were a bit better; more organised or successful.  Who do you know that could assist you to succeed? 

Write a list of all the things you want to improve or do.  It doesn’t have to be a goals list, just a simple to-do list.  Exercise more, lose a stone, write a book – all of these goals can be realised sooner with a cheerleading squad.
  • Exercise more – find a gym buddy, a running partner or drag a friend to Zumba.
  • Lose a stone – text a friend every Monday morning with your weight and let them do the same, use each other to spur on your weight loss.
  • Write a book – share your written work with your cheerleader and let them be honest with you. 
Everything can be reciprocated by swapping tasks, advice or pushing each other to accomplish your goals.

In this social media age, we don’t even need to have met our cheerleaders in person.  With the help of Facebook, Twitter, and the like, we can offer each other support at any time of the day or night. 

If you need someone to wave their pompoms in your direction then feel free to drop me a message, either here on the blog or find me on twitter @ShelleyWilson72 or on the Facebook page and I will happily join your cheerleading squad.

For all you amazing guys who read my blogs, comment, share and chat with me online or face-to-face, I thank you so much for being a part of my cheerleading squad.  My days would be very dull without you.

Who is a member of your cheerleading squad?  Give them a shout out here.



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    1. Ha ha glad to see you are getting into the spirit of it Julia :-)

  2. Inspiring blog as ever Shelley. We can be too independent can't we. But actually I think people like to feel needed and it can be a big boost to be asked for help so maybe next time we need help that's what we should think.
    I'm sure your lovely blogs help a lot of people to think differently. They do me - so thank you :-) xx