Wednesday, 19 March 2014

It's a Matter of Perspective

When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them I run my own business, 'oh how lovely,' they say, 'what type of business?'  When I tell them it's a holistic health spa for women, I see a faraway look appear and their eyes glaze over.

I'm sure they don't mean to tune out, but when I mention 'holistic' or 'alternative' people seem to automatically jump to the same conclusion.  They believe I spend my weekends running bare foot through a meadow of grass with a crown of wildflowers and a dress made of wheat.

Even my dad thinks I dance naked in my back garden when it's a full moon - I assure you, I don't and I'm more than sure my neighbours are relieved at that.

I recently launched a range of Workshops 4 Women, to be held at a local venue.  This is a huge step forward for my business and one I am very proud of.  Getting bums in seats is the next hurdle I face, but I will take this challenge on with determination.  The workshops are designed to help women feel motivated and inspired, to take control of certain areas of their life that may have gone astray.  We've all had those years when career took over or family matters dominated.  The 'Motivate Me' workshops are a way to hand over a tool box of goodies that will help.

My feeling of pride was somewhat dented when I chatted to a colleague who told me 'the workshops weren't her cup of tea.'

Intrigued, I asked her what she thought I would be doing at the workshops.

'Well, it's all that hippy, new age stuff isn't it.  You'll have everyone sitting in a circle holding hands and singing.'

If I hadn't been so shocked I may have laughed.  She couldn't be further from the truth.

Anyone who knows me understands that my interest in spirituality and alternative therapies comes from self-work following an abusive marriage.  I have never purchased rope sandals, I do not hug trees and I don't wash my hair in a fresh water stream.  I would, however, love to interact with people who do because I have an inquisitive thirst for finding out about people.  This doesn't mean I will adopt their ways.

So this odd conversation got me thinking about how her perspective on life created a tunnel vision.  She wasn't open to new opportunities, she wasn't even willing to hear me out.

I tried in vain to explain that my events were light hearted, informal talks about topics that we, as women, face daily about our fears, dreams, goals and how to motivate ourselves, but I could see from the faraway look and the glazed expression that she was seeing me in a floaty white gown, sending happy thoughts out to the universe.

I don't think we will ever change this about people but maybe it would be wise for us to not instantly ridicule something we don't initially understand, but to learn a bit more about it and make a more informed judgement.

After all, something out of the ordinary may be the one thing we've been looking for all our life.

That's only my opinion...what's yours?

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  1. It still surprises me when I hear that people associate “holistic” with a hippy-new-age-way-out-there approach to health. Personally, I trust my health to a holistic practitioner far more than to a staunch traditionalist who only see's me as a physical body. While I may not understand and fully connect to all parts of me (its a journey), I 100% believe that my health and happiness comes from honoring my body, mind, spirit as a whole. My eyes wouldn't glaze over if you told me what you did for a living. They would light up and I would say "tell me more!". All the best...

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Diane, I wish I could clone you and fill my workshop room! I totally agree with everything you say and I have fixed many a problem (physical and emotional) by treating myself in a holistic manner and yet I am happy to know that I am always learning new ways to help myself and my clients. Thank you so much for sharing and making my day :-)

  2. Hey, hugging trees could be fun! I think a lot of people get the wrong impression about my interest in self-help, too. They think it's all nonsense, but I honestly wouldn't be here without a few of the self-help books I've used. I certainly wouldn't be as well as I am today. Maybe if people were more open minded, there would be fewer miserable so-and-sos around!

    1. Thanks Hayley and yes I do seem to have developed a craving to go hug a tree! I understand what you mean, self-help tools have been my lifeline and I wish more people could understand how to utilise them. Less miserable so-and-sos sounds good! ;-)