Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Four Zone Approach to Resolutions

When I started my Resolution Challenge blog, it was a way to keep focused on my goals for the year ahead.  I succeeded in completing every challenge I set myself and finished the year with a sense of fascination mixed with a touch of excitement.

If I could change my life in 365 days, just imagine what I could do if I kept going...oh, the possibilities.

I then had to decide what I could do in the new year to keep the momentum going and give my readers something worthwhile to read.

This was when I decided to mix it up and break my resolutions in to zones (that's the reflexologist in me talking).

Zone One - Well-Being Resolutions.

This section includes all the resolutions/goals that can help make life a little easier and less stressful, take my Vision Board post for example - a perfect example of how to start a new project for the good of your health, wealth and harmony.

Zone Two - Creative Resolutions.

This section is when we get messy and have some fun.  Why should a resolution be boring?  Who wouldn't want to make Easter chick cake pops for the first time or create something special - my post about making a fairy garden was one of the most popular last year.

Zone Three - Charity Resolutions.

This is where we look at a different charity and how campaigners are raising awareness.  What's the most challenging way you can raise money?  I hope this section will inspire you to achieve great things for your chosen charity.  (If you would like a specific charity to be featured then please do get in touch).

Zone Four - Miscellaneous Discoveries.

I love this zone because it's open to such ridiculous possibilities.  The idea came from the number of links I received from family, friends and clients over the Christmas period, telling me about challenges they had heard about...'would I be interested?'  It's funny really, you write a blog for a year about setting and achieving challenges and suddenly everyone wants to see you do more! I love it!
So this zone is dedicated to showing you some of the crazy options that are out there - and yes, I did accept quite a few of them.

Many people dislike the word 'Resolution', but the very meaning of the word should be enough to motivate even the most unenthusiastic.  'A firm decision and the quality of being determined.'  We've all felt determined about something in our lives, and remembering that feeling can be all it takes to see you through to completion.  Whatever it is you've made your firm decision about is important to you so surely it deserves your determination.

Whether you refer to the new and exciting things you hope to achieve this year as 'goals' or 'resolutions' or just a 'to-do list' I hope you find some inspiration and motivation from my posts and if it's just to stop by for a read and a giggle at what I'm up to then that's great too!

I hope you like the new blog make-over, I'd love to hear what you think and please feel free to let me know of any challenges you are taking part in that may be of interest to others.

Huge thanks also to my son, Lee, who very kindly created my new blog header.

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