Friday, 19 July 2013

Facebook - Are you Addicted to Social Media?

When I added a week of 'no Facebook' to my challenge list I honestly didn't think it would be a tough one - it was only for 7 days, no problem.

How wrong could I have been?  I have really missed it, which confirms a niggling suspicion I had about myself - I am a Social Media Fanatic.

Cynics will tell us that all this mumbo jumbo social media has caused the fall of our society; my own Dad can't understand why I comment, like pages and post pictures for, and I quote 'the entire world to see'.  I have tried to explain the privacy settings to him but this is the man who couldn't find the 'B' on his keyboard and had to call me!

For me, Facebook allows me to interact with my family in Yorkshire and my friends who are scattered across the globe.

On a business level I am able to share news and events about Body & Soul Holistics with my clients, as well as people who may not be able to utilise my spa facilities but find my ramblings quite interesting.

Facebook is also great fun.  As everyone knows, writing is my passion so I follow a number of author's on Facebook.  As a reader I love the opportunity to interact with the 'real' person, they're not just a name on the front cover any more.  You can get involved, join discussions and add your own book reviews; it all makes one feel a part of their community.

As a writer I relish that connection and adore the feedback I receive about my blog, newsletters and stories.  If...oops - when my first novel is published, I know having that reader-author relationship will help me to create better stories and characters.

If anyone wants to follow some amazing authors, I can highly recommend the following Authors who are on Facebook:-

So a week without Facebook - could you cope?

I have friends who log on intermittently, I have friends who last logged on in 2008 and I have friends who, like me, stay logged on and comment every thirty seconds.

In my humble opinion you get out of social media what you are prepared to put in.  I love sharing some of the affirmation pages as I know which quote will be just what one friend may need.  The funny sayings I share often receive multiple 'likes' or re-shares which means we all have a warped sense of humour.

Anything 'beer' related gets a great response such as my recent photo post -

"Can't risk my beer getting warm!"

Anything child related gets an 'OMG how much have they grown..'  this is normally followed by a direct mail catch up with friends living in Oz (I never get the time difference right - sorry girls!)

Facebook makes the world a smaller and more intimate place.  Old friends, new friends, colleagues, clients, celebrities, fans and of course family are only a click away.

Take five minutes to evaluate your own Facebook page, cull any acquaintances who don't make you feel good or post status's like 'big shop done for another week' - actually I think I may have posted that once!

Re-kindle friendships and support one another's business ventures and successes, follow interesting pages where you learn something new every day.

Comment on photographs, laugh at the funny stuff and embrace the social media age.

My challenge to you is this:-

Why not give Facebook up for a week - it will either kill or cure you of your social media habits.

  • KILL - I miss the news, views and updates and will never be without my Facebook family again.  My name is _________ and I am a Facebook addict and proud of it.

  • CURE - Not a problem, I didn't miss it and with all that extra time I wrote an epic novel and now have a multi million pound publishing deal!
Go on...join in, have fun and while you're at it why not 'like' my page, I'd love to say hello.


  1. As you can see, yes I am addicted! I was addicted to, dare I say it..."Candy Crush Saga", but stopped playing a few weeks back and have now deleted it off my phone. I found I was playing it in my 'spare' moments....and I realised it wasn't 'adding' anything! So hoorah!

    1. Well done Joanne, it's easy to get sucked into the cyberspace universe isn't it, congratulations on getting a foothold on reality. See you on Facebook...Twitter...LinkedIn...oh dear! :)

  2. Well done Shelley. Great blog post which more than anything seeks to highlight the way in which we relate to the world about us has changed. Social media is essential to what I do but totally agree it can become very addictive and ultimately we should never lose sight of the fact it is a tool to master and not to be mastered by :-)

  3. Since I'm more active on twitter than Facebook, twitter is the one that's hard for me to stay off of:)

    1. I know what you mean Heidi. When I began my challenge I hadn't signed up to Twitter so Facebook was the one I had to give up. I joined Twitter in Feb and may be a wee bit addicted now! It's so easy to tweet, retweet, follow and favourite in your lunch hour! See you in the Twitterverse :)