Thursday, 13 June 2013

How to Juggle Your Spuds and other Home Grown Vegetables

Last week's 'How to De Clutter in 4 Easy Steps' certainly struck a chord with my readers judging by the emails I received.  A clutter free home makes for a clutter free mind and I'm glad I was able to motivate so many people to feel better about their environments and themselves - this is my day job after all!

Still concentrating on my 'Adopt Better Habits' challenge I decided to venture outdoors.  Not such a good choice with the torrential rain we've seen here in the Midlands, however it did help with the spade work for this week's resolution, to grow my own food.

Anyone who knows me will confirm, my home contains NO living plants as I have a tendency to kill anything remotely green, so this challenge could be quite interesting.

A few years ago my dad made me a vegetable patch, he used some old timber and boxed out a part of my garden, my eldest son and I dug over the soil in readiness for the bumper crop of salads and vegetables we were going to grow.

Fast forward three years and we have a bumper crop of weeds and quite an impressive variety too.

So this week was going to be the turning point for me to adopt a better habit.  I dodged the rain and with spade in hand tackled the knee high jungle, I turned the soil, I de-weeded and I planted the tiny specs of dust that fell from the packet labelled 'lettuce'. 

I watched, I waited and then I got bored and made a cuppa.  Growing your own is not the best activity for an impatient Gemini like myself, fortunately I received an email this week which gave me the perfect tools (no pun intended) to while away the hours.

Douglas McPherson, author of Circus Mania, informed me that Saturday June 15th is World Juggling Day.  A perfect past time for a restless green fingered wannabe like me.  Douglas assured me that juggling was great for uniting the left and right sides of my brain, apparently. 

His blog has 15 Facts about Juggling - did you know that juggling can burn 280 calories an hour! There is also a How-To Guide if you want to give it a go yourself.  As you can see, my juggling is about as good as my gardening so I will be logging on for a top tip or two.

By the time my lettuces and potatoes are ready for harvest I should be a pro this space.

What are your top gardening tips?  How do you pass the time between planting and eating?  Let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Shelley ian has just finished shedding our vegetable patch and found potatoes growing amongst it all! Good luck with the jugglin remember you need to use three balls nor two. ;-) xxx