Monday, 29 February 2016

10 Things That Being a Mum Has Taught Me #Parenting

10 Things That Being a Mum Has Taught Me. 

When I was in my twenties, I was told I had a very slim chance of ever being a mum.  This news was utterly devastating to me as all I ever wanted was to have children of my own.  I believe it shaped my decision to marry an unsuitable man who already had children from a previous relationship. 

Fortunately, I did conceive, and although the doctors told me they didn’t believe I would go full term, my son ended up being two days late.  I then went on to have another two children and would have happily added to my brood had that unsuitable man been more…suitable!

Believing that motherhood would never be mine I was totally overwhelmed when I did finally hold my son for the first time.  That tiny bundle of happiness will be eighteen this year and that terrifies me more than the thought of giving birth. 

So what have I learnt over the years?  Here is my top ten:

  • I didn’t know it was possible to love someone so much and so unconditionally, and that my heart was capable of more than I could ever imagine when number 2 and 3 came along.
  • That sleep would be a distant memory for a very long time, and then, after several years of rejuvenated rest, I would return to the sleepless nights but this time because I’m waiting for them to come home from a night out!
  • Any parental control I thought I had vanished when they started to talk.  I learnt to take a step back from being overly controlling and let them discover things for themselves.
  • I realised there isn’t always a right answer and to trust my gut instinct.
  • That being a mum doesn’t stop when your kids grow up.  They will always need me no matter how old they are, and it’s my responsibility to help and support them – forever.
  • My children are individuals and not a carbon copy of me.  They make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons.  I can guide and support them but I must not interfere with that development as it makes them who they are.
  • Patience.  A trait I didn’t think I possessed until I had kids.
  • Being a mum taught me how to belly laugh and have fun.  Throwing out the schedules, rules and restrictions of adulthood, my kids taught me how to enjoy paddling in the sea again.  We love eating picnics, exploring historical ruins, and laughing at fart jokes!
  • I’ve learnt to respect myself and encourage self-development so that I can teach by example.
  • My children are a gift and not to be taken for granted.  I cherish the school holidays when we are all together and love their company.

I am a very proud mum, and even more so because it’s only been the four of us for the past eleven years following my divorce.  We are an unbreakable bond, full of mischief, attitude and intelligence.  With their permission, I have added a family photo to this blog post. 

Do you have a top tip to add to my list?  Maybe you would like to share something that your mum taught you?  Leave me a comment below or over on the Facebook page.


  1. What a wonderful post Shelly, and such a happy family photo. Reckon you've mastered the art of being a mum beautifully.
    Here's to many more happy years of family, and then extended family, life :-) xx

    1. Thank you so much, Sue. They are a good bunch haha xx

  2. What a great smiling family photo.

  3. When my son was a teenager, I learned to be available when he wanted to talk. Usually this was after 10pm at night, when his friends weren't around.