Monday, 27 March 2017

March in Review #Blogging #GoalSetting

March Review

I’m continuing my monthly blog review with a recap of March. I find this is the ideal way to assess the posts I’ve written and the interaction they received, as well as share the links in case anyone missed one.

How was March?


It’s interesting to see the difference in views this month. Overall, the blog received 9,709 new visits which is incredible. However, this is a large dip in views based on the first two months of the year. I know that my own blog viewing has slipped as ‘real life’ takes a hold. The initial buzz of a New Year has settled down as we steam towards spring and summer at an astonishing rate. Is this normal? Do we all start the year with good intentions to read more and learn something new? I believe we do. My good intentions are still there even though I seem to be busier than ever at the moment, so not only is my blog reading hitting a slump, but my blog promotion is also affected. Only by checking my stats on a monthly basis did I flag this up, so I’m glad I started doing this.

As bloggers, we spend so much time and energy preparing and writing our blog posts so if we don’t spend an equal amount of time promoting them we aren’t doing ourselves any justice.

The most popular post of the month was WomenIn Business, a post I wrote after attending the Women In Business Conference on International Women’s Day.

Published Posts:

Week 2 – Women In Business

Week 4 – March in Review

Guest Post:

I’ve written a few posts for later in the year, but no guest posts were published in March.

Goals for April:

I continue to work on my personal development and have come across important lessons that I believe will help others who may be struggling with their health, happiness, or goal setting. I thought it would be the perfect time to blog about creativity and dreams this month, so check back every Monday for a new post.

Over to You:

Your mission if you choose to accept it is

I thought it might be a fun twist if at the end of every monthly review I set you some fun and thought-provoking exercises. I want you to think about the following questions, grab your journal and note down any thoughts or feelings that bubble to the surface or feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

Q1. What did I learn last month?

Q2. What roles do I play in my life? (Mother, wife/husband, manager, volunteer)

Q3. What are my goals for each role?

I’ll add another three questions to the April review. You don’t need to share your answers; they’re for your personal development. If you can keep all your notes together in one journal then by the end of the year, you’ll have a great overview of 2017 to work with when you want to do a review, set goals, or release anything that isn’t serving your greater purpose. Until next month.


  1. Last month I learned that sometimes it's OK to do nothing. Life's problems have a way of resolving themselves if you give them enought space, and often in unexpected ways.

    1. That's such an important lesson, Julia. Taking a step back can be the right 'goal' x