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Chakras for Beginners #Health #Wellbeing

Chakras for Beginners

If you don’t travel in spiritual circles, reap the benefits of a holistic life, or take advantage of the variety of alternative therapies then you may not know what a ‘Chakra’ is.

Knowing the difference between a chakra and a chorizo is not something that will change your life, however, understanding the basics can improve your wellbeing.

In the simplest terms, the Sanskrit word Chakra means wheel and this refers to wheels of energy located in the body. There are seven main chakras, which align with the spine and can be visualised as swirling energy. The energy is called Prana, or vital life force. It’s this energy that keeps us healthy, physically and mentally.

Where are they?

Each Chakra is linked to major organs and the nervous system, as well as our psychological and emotional state. As mentioned earlier, the Chakras are moving energy, and so it’s important to keep that energy flowing to be in optimum health.

Think of it like a hose pipe. The flow of water keeps your garden flourishing, but what happens if you get a kink in the pipe? In some cases, the build-up of water makes the pipe explode. Not good for the hairdo! However, in life, this explosion could become a life-threatening physical health issue.

If I were to give you an example of this in action it would look like this:

As you may already know from reading my previous blog posts, my dad had a serious accident in December which shook our family. Thankfully, he is on the road to recovery and doing much better. My mum went into automatic ‘nurse’ mode and looked after dad when he got home from the hospital. Unsurprisingly, she developed a bad cough and symptoms of a chest infection. The shock of dad’s accident and the possibility of losing him ‘blocked’ my mum’s heart chakra (chest). Only when she sees, and believes, that dad is fully recovered will her symptoms reduce and her heart chakra flow normally again. She needs to treat the physical symptoms with herbal tea, vitamin C, or Echinacea as well as understanding the reason behind her sudden illness.

Here are the seven main chakras and their basic emotional links:

Base Chakra (sometimes known as Root Chakra), is located at the bottom of your tailbone and corresponds with survival issues, money, food, etc. It is represented by the colour red and focuses on helping us feel grounded.

Sacral Chakra is located two finger width below the belly button and corresponds to our drive, well-being, sexuality, and sense of abundance. It is represented by the colour orange and focuses on connection to new experiences and people.

Solar Plexus is two finger width above the belly button and corresponds to our self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. It’s represented by the colour yellow and focuses on confidence and being in control.

The Heart Chakra is in the centre of our chest and corresponds to love, inner peace, and joy. It is represented by the colour green and/or pink and focuses on our ability to love (others and self).

Throat Chakra corresponds to our communication skills and ability to express our true feelings. When I ran my holistic spa, I dealt with many throat related issues because clients wouldn’t, or couldn’t speak up against injustices at work or home, or they chose to stay silent if someone upset them. This, in turn, would manifest as a throat infection, tonsillitis, etc. The throat chakra is represented by the colour blue and focuses on communication.

Third Eye Chakra (sometimes known as the Brow Chakra) is located in the centre of the forehead just between the eyes and corresponds to our wisdom, intuition, imagination, and decision making. It’s represented by the colour indigo and focuses on our ability to see the big picture.

The final chakra is called Crown Chakra and can be found on the top of the head and corresponds to our inner and outer beauty. It’s also our connection to spirit. When I trained to become a Reiki Master Teacher I was opening up my Crown Chakra with each lesson I learned, until eventually I began to sense spirit and be able to communicate what I felt, and saw. It’s represented by the colour purple or white and focuses on being fully connected spiritually.

On any given day our body’s energy will swing between balance and imbalance, most of the time we won’t notice or even realise. It’s when we get a physical ailment that we should see this as a warning sign that a chakra is blocked.

Here are a few examples:

A chest infection means a closed or blocked heart chakra.

Tonsillitis signals a blockage in the throat chakra.

Constipation is linked to a blockage in the base chakra.

A headache means a blockage in the third eye.

All fairly routine ailments but they can be avoided if we keep awareness on our body and the signals we receive.

Can you think of any illness or issue you've had that could have been caused by a blocked chakra?

I’m going to cover how you can keep your Chakras healthy in future posts so be sure to pop back for more.

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  1. Great post, Shelley :) Look forward to more, this interests me very much.

    1. Thanks, Cathy. I've always been fascinated by Chakra work and love sharing it. I'm so glad you found it interesting x

  2. I'll definitely keep a look out for the the posts on how to keep our chakras healthy. Thank you for this post!

  3. Think I need to work on all my chakras today I think

  4. Love this! I know there have been times in my life that I had constant sore throats/voice loss, and I'm sure if I'd done some chakra work, it would've helped. Great info, Shelley!